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FAQ’s, Fees and Basic Information

Spring 2021 - Update


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What to Expect

Since beach camping is available on a reservation basis, we do our very best to cherry-pick your spot! If there are certain preferences you’d like to communicate to us, please let us know before your stay!

Though the beach camping is considered “primitive”, if you are holding up in one of our rentals you won’t have to worry about the long walk to the outhouse, or cooking your dinner in a kitchen while you take in the beach views. Also, we can’t forget going to sleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. So, even though you might have access to a generator, don’t forget to enjoy the natural sounds at the lake. Even at it’s hottest, Lake Mac is known for it’s cool nights on the beach. Comfort inside a camper is the cherry on top!

Your new best friend will be a broom and dustpan, if you camp on Lake Mac’s fine sandy beach. The supplies included in the rentals help keep the sand at bay, and if you have any needs that arise, such as needing additional water, propane, etc. those services are available for an additional cost. So, bring your sunscreen, a good book, and be prepared to enjoy your stay!

Camping Fees

 If you are renting one of our many units designated for camping on our designated camping area, you will not have to pay additional camping fees. If you are using our designated park unit for camping in recreational areas 5-9, you will need to arrange and pay for camping reservations prior to your stay.  For more info visit Nebraska Game and Parks at


Common Questions

Have a question but no time to chat? Here are some answers to our most common questions below!

Access points to the lake can feel busy, at times. Also the amount of beach can change with water level fluctuations. However, reservations are limited at Lake Mac by the NE Games and Parks. The limitations help provide assurance that there is plenty of space for all, regardless of current water levels at the lake. 

These units are battery powered only. You can expect use of indoor lighting, but you will not have the ability to “plug in” personal devices, etc within your unit. So, be prepared and don’t forget your car charger for that cell phone to stay connected! However, it pays off to be extra conservative with the battery usage- Just to be sure you have lights when you need them.


If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, it is a cinch to leave the camping areas and be in a shower house within minutes. There are also primitive toilets located at most entrance points to the beach.

Tent camping is actually really great on the fluffy sand. In fact, lots of people pitch a tent next to their rig for extra sleeping space. However, the great plains can bring great wind. So if you choose to camp in a tent, just remember a few tips:

Bury the corners of your tent at least 6 inches to provide some additional stability.

It might not be a bad idea to ask if you can place your tent close to a camper for additional wind protection.

By all means, do NOT forget to bring a little hand broom and dust pan for the fine sand!

Yes! But they must be on a leash at all times.

Lake Mac is famous for its deep, soft, sand. Cars get stuck very easily. If there’s a recent rain, they might make it in, but keep the number for the TOWING GUYS close at hand if you cannot get back out as easily. But it might be a good idea to plan your trip using a 4 wheel drive vehicle from the start. Even then, keep that  towing number close, just in case. 😉

We are here to help, and will promptly attend to your needs! If you need a “refresher” service, we will give you a freshly charged battery or replenish water supply  for a single fee of $50.

If you require additional fuel in your unit, we can refill your tank for $1 per pound needed.

If you are not staying more than a night or two, and aren’t excessively using the amenities, we are confident that you will not need these services, but if you have an extended stay please be aware that we can help for an additional fee.

Trash receptacles are found at the entrance of the areas. Your camping spot might be a 15 minute walk from that location. Plan to tether your trash bag while camping or it will blow away.

Let’s address the most important question at hand…..Why camp on the beach using TKR Campers?

Room with a view

Take in the scenery