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Amenities, FAQ’s, Fees and Basic Information

What to Expect

Please take some time to review our fleet offerings on the Book Reservation page.  There is a 2-night minimum for ALL rental reservations, and 100% payment is required to secure the rental reservation.  Cancellation policy is listed below. 

You will need a vehicle pass to access the recreational areas of the park.  This is different than the camping fees and can be purchased in advance or at a kiosk at the park entrances.

You will need a 4×4 vehicle to access the beach camper rentals. 2 wheel drive will get stuck.    It is possible to walk to the campers but please be aware that the beach is quite large and the sand is deep. 

Private towing

We are happy to provide towing services to our customers. Fees are only accepted as cash payments and vary by the size of your camper or RV. We provide service in the recreational areas #’s 5-9. Towing rates are $100 for campers under 30 ft, $120 for larger traditional campers. RV’s and motor home rates vary depending on size and range between $120-$200.

Basic Amenities

If you are camping in a primitive beach spot, know that you are provided 40 gallons of operational water for the kitchen and bathroom, functioning stove top, refrigerator, and internal lighting. The fresh battery that is included runs your lights and water pump. Excessive use of the lights will run down your battery fast. The camper ovens are not functional. This is essentially “glamping”- though you won’t be “plugged in”, you still have most of the regular conveniences of home!

We recognize most rentals will only last a few days, so there shouldn’t be a need for refreshing your supplies, however if you have a large group or your rental period is extended, it may be that you require a fresh battery, and fill of water.  If that is the case, we charge a $50 “refresher fee”.  The charge for propane usage is included in your rental. If your unit requires additional propane, you will be charged $1 per pound.

Supplies Included With Your Rental

Trash receptacle with extra bags, 2 rolls of paper towels, 2 rolls of toilet paper. Generators are included with select rentals. A broom and dustpan with some cleaning wipes so you can tidy up before you leave. We include extra throw rugs to keep the sand out of your bed, and a freshly cleaned mattress pad for each bed with every new patron. Any cooking or eating utensils you will need to bring. The Fridge will be cold when you arrive.


Rental Terms

Payment is confirmation that you have read and agree to our Rental Terms and Conditions.   Please read the Terms thoroughly prior to making a reservation. 

Violation of rental terms will lead to immediate cancellation of your reservation and the cancellation policy applies.

You can read our Rental Terms Here.


Cancellation Policy

To reserve a space, you will be required to pay 100% of your rental fee at the time of reservation.  If payment is not received within 2 days of making reservation you risk losing your booking.

Cancellation at 30+ days will initiate a refund of 100%
Cancellation under 30 days to7 days prior to reservation date: 50% refund
Cancellation in less than 7 days: No refund

We will make a reasonable to replace your reservation. If we are able to do so, you can expect a full refund, but it is not guaranteed. If you have extenuating circumstances, please don’t hesitate to call us directly to discuss, and perhaps we can consider modification of the policy on a case-by-case basis.



Common Questions

Have a question but no time to chat? Here are some answers to our most common questions below!

Yes and No. Though we have a designated park unit for use on the public campground, our other rentals are hosted on a private camping area operated by TG Campers.

These units are battery powered only. You can expect use of indoor lighting, but you may not have the ability to “plug in” personal devices, etc. IF you are on a primitive (paved) spot. So, be prepared and don’t forget your car charger for that cell phone to stay connected!

We have a cancellation policy, which we will state below, but PLEASE talk to us live about your situation. We are here to help! So always reach out to us directly (as soon as possible) if you need to cancel!

Cancellation Policy

You will be required to pay 100% of your rental fee at the time of reservation.

*Cancellation at 30+ days will initiate a refund of 100%

*Cancellation under 30 days to 7 days prior to reservation date: 50% refund

*Cancellation in less than 7 days: No refund

*Violation of rental terms will lead to immediate cancellation of your reservation and the cancellation policy applies.

If you are reserving a unit that is designated for use within our private camping area, you will be camping directly on the beach.  If you are renting a space anywhere in the campgrounds, the beach is only a short walk away! pay close attention to the park map while making your reservation for best results.

If you are camping within the state park or plan to visit the park in other areas away from our private camping area. Every vehicle (including yours) needs to have a park permit, or day pass to visit the park. This is different than a camping reservation.

To respect the safety and accommodate the health needs to all of our guests, we ask that if you must smoke, please do so in your personal vehicle. Also, please dispose of  any smoking waste in a safe and respectful manner.

 We love animals, too! So bring Fido along!

But, also note, if your pet damages your rental unit, you are fully responsible for that damage. 

We are here to help, and will promptly attend to your needs! If you need a “refresher” service, we will give you a freshly charged battery or replenish water supply for a single fee of $50.

If you require additional fuel in your unit, we can refill your tank for $1 per pound needed.

If you are not staying more than a night or two, and aren’t excessively using the amenities, we are confident that you will not need these services, but if you have an extended stay please be aware that we can help for an additional fee.

We LOVE Lake Mac, and so do our campers! Our campers designated for park use are allowed to be used  within the State Park recreational areas #5-9 ONLY, and are not allowed to be transported by anyone other than our staff. The majority of our fleet is used only within our private camping area.

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